Personalized Bandage Scissors

Engraving Place

Don't you hate it when someone "borrows" your bandage scissors in the clinic? Well, now you can have your bandage scissors engraved and never lose them again! How cool is that?

You can forget about tapeing them, or marking them, so you know which ones are yours. All you need to do is add the name you want to be engraved on them. 

You can add the name on one of the three places shown on one of the images. Just write the text you want engraved in the "Engrave your name" field. If you want to engrave something on two of the places shown, just write us an email at or call us at +1 302 703 7253 to let us know.

Bulk orders of 5-9 get a 10% discount and 10+ get 15% discount.

4.5 or 5.5 inch Lister Bandage scissors
Engraved with name