Personalized Poster in a Frame + Ink pad for Paw Prints

How many ink pads?

Photo Guide

Photo Guide

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Product Description

Pet Paw Print Kit for Dog or Cat, Custom Dog Portrait on a Personalized Poster in a Frame + Ink pad for Paw Prints, Memorial Gift, non-toxic

Create one of a kind memory of your pet! Send us a photo of your pet and we will turn it into a framed poster, with an ink pad kit and nicely packaged ready for a gift.

Perfect for a gift for a pet owner, whether it is a dog or a cat, this personalized gift is the most unique gift you could get them.

Very personal pet memorial gift.

What do you get?

- 2 High-quality posters (A4 format) with the photo and the name of your pet (just in case if you smudge one, to have a back up)
- 1 White frame
- 1 ink pad (or you can select the number of inkpads in the variants of the product)
- 1 I Love Veterinary Sticker
- Gift Box

You can use the ink pad 2 times (for two paw prints). The first imprint you make will be darker and the second will be lighter.
Or if you like to make imprints of 4 paws, we recommend getting 2 or 4 ink pads.

The ink pads are non-toxic and the ink doesn't get in contact with the paw of the pet. 100% safe!

So how does it work? It's simple!

1. Lay one of the posters on a flat surface
2. Place one of the inkless ink pads on top of the poster (with the inky side down)
3. Gently press your pet's paw onto the top of the inkless ink pad – but be sure you don't touch the ink pad yourself
4. Remove your pet's paw (which is totally clean), and remove the ink pad from the poster.
5. You're all done! Once the ink dries, you can frame your brand-new poster with paw prints and hang it on the wall or put it on a shelf.