Colored Bundle of Personalized Hemostat Instrument, Bandage Scissors and Universal Scissors

No Color
Engraving place on bandage scissors

Product Description

 The packaging is by default a plastic kit, for free. If you opt in to get them in a pouch with a zipper, the color of the pouch will be as the color of the instruments chosen; if no color is chosen - it will be black.

Get a pair of bandage scissors, hemostat, and universal scissors with your name on each of them! 

You can add the name on the place shown on the images. Just write the text you want to be engraved in the "Add your name" field.

You can choose the engraving place only on the bandage scissors.

The bandage scissors are 4.5 inches.

The hemostat is 5 inches.

The suture scissors are 5 inches.

Please contact us if you would like to make a bulk order. You can send us a list of the names you want to be engraved and we will prepare the order for you. Just write us an email at or call us at +1 302 703 7253 to let us know.