Sneakers Personalized from Your Pet Photo


Photo Guide

Photo Guide

To ensure the best quality prints please follow our guidance below

• Don’t upload blurry or pixelated photos

• Don’t use photos too dark or far away

Create custom sneakers from a photo of you pet! Send us your best picture of your pet and we will create a pair of personalized sneakers just for you!
Please have in mind that we will send you the look of the sneakers before we put them in production so you can see if you like it. :) Or if you like to send us a different photo. The background color can be black or white. You can send us a message with the desired color of the sole, black or white. 

Follow our instructions for sending a photo:
- Don't upload blurry images
- Don't upload pixelated images
- Don't upload dark images
- Please send high quality image of your pet for best quality sneakers

This is an amazing gift for pet owners who lost their pet, to honor their memory. Very nice and thoughtful gift for pet memorial.

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