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Vet Tech Week Gift Ideas for the Staff - I love Veterinary

Vet Tech Week Gift Ideas for the Staff

The Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week is an annual event which takes place in the third week of October. Veterinary technicians should be valued and appreciated every day of the year, but in June 1993 a NAVTA resolution was passed which declared that the Vet Tech Week will be celebrated the third week in October. So, this week is taken as an opportunity to honor and show how much we appreciate the work of vet techs.
These professionals are committed to compassionate and high-quality care for all animals. Moreover, they are the ones who care about the animal’s health and welfare. If you own a veterinary office, it’s very likely that you have a veterinary technician part of your team. Thus, if you want to honor your staff for a Vet Tech Week, we composed a list of vet tech gift ideas you will find useful.

Vet Tech Week Gift Ideas


Coffee and tea are essential so that the vet tech can make it throughout the day and perform tasks with high alertness. So, you can pick whether you want to get an 11oz, 15oz, or an accent mug for your staff. Choose the color you prefer and get one of the high-quality and durable mugs.

vet tech gift mug

Fleece Blankets

A custom fleece blanket is an exceptional gift idea, especially as Vet Tech Week is in October when the cold just starts kicking in. It is a comfortable and soft blanket you can personalize by adding the image of your staff’s pet. Your staff will be thrilled with a blanket like this.




A hoodie is an ideal gift for the cold winter days and will keep your staff cozy. We guarantee that a hoodie with a print like this one will be vet tech’s favorite clothing item during winter and the comfiest piece to wear after their scrubs. Get this unisex hoodie and entertain your staff with some vet tech humor.

vet tech gift hoodie


If you want to show your staff how important they are to you, you should definitely get a personalized gift like this necklace. It is a pendant necklace which is custom-made with the silhouette of a pet. It can be silver plated or sterling sliver and you can also add some engraving of your choice, just any words you want to express at the back of the pendant.




Charms are another great vet tech gift idea you can get without having to break your bank. You can choose which one you prefer a circle or heart charm. Nevertheless, both Pandora charms are luxury steel products with a possibility to engrave some words on the back. Compliment your vet techs by giving such elegant charm.


As veterinary technicians spent their days standing, it’s crucial for them to wear comfortable footwear. These athletic sneakers aren’t only attractive and stylish, but they are also very lightweight and comfortable. They provide a snug fit due to the lace-up closure and are made of a breathable fabric. Get these durable athletic sneakers as your staff deserves the best.

vet tech gift sneakers


Funny T-shirts are always a great idea, especially when you want to honor vet techs for a Vet Tech Appreciation Week. The T-shirts are made of 100% cotton and are very comfortable. Choose the wording you like best and make your staff laugh.

vet tech gift t-shirt


Tumblers are very useful and commonly used beverage cups, which are a necessity for every person, especially vet techs. You can choose the size as there are 12oz, 20oz, and 30oz tumblers available. Plus, each one of them comes with funny wording, which makes these tumblers a very desirable item.


Last but not least, keychains are another exceptional gift you can get for your staff. They will be a very useful item as they keep the keys organized. This is a very small yet thoughtful gift that features a double-sided print. The metal construction and the chrome finish this keychain comes with makes it very durable.



Water Bottles

Personalized water bottle is always a unique gift idea. It is a useful item and you can never go wrong with sizes, like with apparel. Every Vet Tech would appreciate a high quality water bottle with a unique saying on it about their profession. They are 20oz water bottles and you can choose between numerous designs. You can even add name or other customization to it. 



Travel Mugs

Vet techs like drinking their coffee on their way, or they simply don't have the time to have it in peace :) They are always busy saving your pets and making sure everything is done right. Every Vet Tech would appreciate a travel mug as a gift, especially if it is with a cool design for vet techs. They are 14oz, which is plenty of coffee for the morning. 

travel mug vet tech gift

All these vet tech gift ideas will come in handy when you have no idea what to get for your veterinary technicians. Choose a gift from this list and let your staff know that they are appreciated and that you are grateful for their work.

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