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Vet Receptionist Gift Guide - I love Veterinary

Vet Receptionist Gift Guide

A veterinary receptionist is a person who works at the veterinarian office and handles a number of basic duties, such as opening mail, scheduling appointments, answering phone calls, and managing the elementary office functions. They provide a front-of-house service to clients and are a crucial part of the veterinarian team. So, if you’re looking for veterinary receptionist gifts, you’re at the right place.

Check our vet receptionist gift guide


A vet receptionist has to own at least one pair of comfortable shoes for work. Hence, what makes these watercolor paws women’s sneakers an ideal gift is the lightweight construction and breathable mesh fabric. Another feature which vet receptionists will love is the lace-up closure for a snug fit.

 vet receptionist sneakers gift i love veterinary


Staying awake and alert during working hours can be quite challenging for vet receptionists as they are always busy. So, they often find a cup of coffee comes in handy. Getting a mug for a receptionist to use it on a daily basis for coffee or tea will probably be the best gift option. Both of these 11oz mugs feature the highest quality printing and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Simply pick which print you like better.

vet receptionist gift i love veterinary

vet receptionist gift i love veterinary

Custom Blanket

If you are close to the vet receptionist you want to give a gift to, you might consider a more personalized gift. Hence, if the vet receptionist has a pet at home, you can order this custom blanket with a photo of their pet. It will be their favorite gift ever. What’s best about this blanket is that it’s made of an ultra plush soft fleece material, which is very cozy.

Tote Bags

This ‘cat pulse’ tote bag is another exceptional gift which will make every veterinary receptionist happy, especially if they love or own a cat. The 100% spun polyester poplin fabric makes this bag very durable and a timeless gift.
vet receptionist tote bag i love veterinary

Custom Pillow

A custom pillow with the veterinary receptionist’s pet will be an exceptional personalized gift. This oil painted pillow comes in different sizes and types, which make it an amazing gift. The vet receptionist will love this pillow and always sleep on it.

Silver Silhouette Shape Engraved Necklace with a Photo of Your Pet 

If you want a more stylish gift, then a Silhouette pendant necklace from a photo of your pet is what you need. A veterinary receptionist at my vet office wears such every day, so I am certain every receptionist will love it. You get an engraved pendant on the back and the Silhouette is made by a photo of a pet, which is suitable if your vet receptionist has one.

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